Cape Composite (Pty) Ltd, specialist manufacturers of high quality Fiberglass (GRP/FRP) products.

fibreglass(GRP/FRP) flat sheets

The Fibreglass Flat Sheets are made on a unique and patented continuous automated machine, which uses the mould surface for a better cosmetic gelcoated finish.

Sheets can be used in the following industries:
Truck Bodies
Tank Containers
Signage - Billboards
Bus Shelter Panels
Abattoir and chicken run wall panels
Walk in fridge wall panels
Light diffusers and skylights
Internal and External Partitions

Material characteristics:

Results have been tested on a 2mm sheet. The material data is long term average values taken from random material examinations during production. Material data may vary from batch to batch of product produced.

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moulded products

Tank Container Ends: Made in various sizes, shapes, thicknesses and colour.
With or without impregnated signage

Cape Composite

Water Tanks: 500l – 1000l - 2500l - 5000l - 10 000l
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These tanks can also be manufactured to hold chemicals.
The entire top of the tank is a lid: which can be removed for easy cleaning and mixing.
Due to the shape of the lid and the position of the inlet, it adds a few m2 to the catchment area.

Industrial Products: Soaker sheets: Big Six, IBR and clip lock
Ventilation cowls
Architectural mouldings

Industrial Gutters: Made to your specifications – profile, girth, length and colour.
Mainly used for large industrial buildings, which do not have
standard openings.

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pre moulded products

All pre moulded product are made to specifications in either vinylester or polyester resins.

In the industry Fibreglass is also referred to as:
FRP – Fibre Reinforced Plastics
GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastics


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